Top 10 Bicycle Gifts Under $50

December 1, 2014

What do you get for the commuter who has everything? Nothing, you get them nothing and you suggest they consider sharing and philanthropy.

For the rest of us (and yourself), consider these 10 awesome gifts. 

Spoke Lights $4

Small, simple, and effective. A few bucks for some whimsy and some safety.

These spoke lights instantly clip onto most spoke types (including oval, round and bladed) and turn on with a simple twist. Made of a tough molded plastic lens and a stainless steel spoke clip. Add as many as you want.

Bicycle Beanie $14

A bicycle beanie for your bicycle loving head in four colors. Fits just like it should.

Ulock Holster $15

This holster keeps you quick on the lock draw while protecting your jeans. Handmade in San Francisco. 

On Bicycles Book $17

50 short essays for city cyclists on the ways bike culture shapes our lives. Penned by a collection of experienced riders/writers, these short and digestible essays make a great read to pick up and put down, or give as a gift without intimidating potential commuters.

Bike Tribes Book $19

The cycling world is made up of tribes. From stylish urban commuters to leg-waxed racers to grouchy shop owners, they may look like they live in different worlds, but they're united by an abiding love of bikes. Bike Tribes is an irreverent and illustrated field guide to those around us who ride, and to ourselves.

Bikes Eat Hummer T $24

We are many, and together we are strong. Pedal with the school and eat the small silly Hummer. Appropriately printed with eco friendly ink, free of PVC and pthalates, on a unisex cotton T.

Packable Rolling Fender $25

The smallest, smartest temporary fender we've ever seen.

Installation takes seconds, and the lightweight plastic rolls for easy storage in your bag, on the bike, or even on your body. No tools or hardware needed. Simply unroll, attach and you're protected from road water. Available in 10 colors.

Upcycled Tube Bracelet $30

Ornate and elegant bracelets made of discarded bicycle tubes by our friends at Urban Lace.

Each piece is coated in an organic plant-based formula developed by the artists to retain the soft texture and smooth appearance of the tube. Snap fasten, wear daily.

Bikes of SF Poster $30

If you've spent any time in San Francisco, you'll instantly know why this is clever and telling. If you haven't, then let these silhouettes make you feel a little closer to our fair, cycle loving, city.

Each silhouette distills eleven neighborhoods down into their most representative bicycle. Hand printed humor and design ready for your wall.

Upcycled Tube Belt $42

Upcycled tubes to keep up your pants. Made in Seattle from four layers of rubber, highlight stitching, and a brushed steel buckle.