Nick Cabillot

Retail Manager

"If I wasn't at Mission Bicycle, I'd be designing other methods of transportation that, like our bikes, are not only good for the planet but also beautiful." Says Nick, standing in front of our famed design wall. His passion for design shines through with each build he assists a customer in. 

The electronic music enthusiast hails from Minnesota, but often pined for the yearlong sunshine and beach culture of California while growing up in a land of long winters. He initially got turned on to bikes through his previous job renting them out to tourists in Fishermans Wharf. He now rides everywhere and anywhere he can - early mornings and lots of climbs preferred. "My favorite San Francisco bike ride starts an hour before daylight, brewing a pot of extra strong coffee." he says.

When he's not bouncing around to electronic beats he's hard at work sizing up customers, shooting pics of sweet Mission Bikes, and calling on his design degree to ensure customers walk out with the best looking bike they could imagine.

Nick is the only staffer who has won a year's supply of BBQ sauce and finished it in one summer.

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