Joe Blum

Sales Specialist

Joe claims to have learned how to ride bikes from his father, "much like everyone else." We can neither prove nor disprove this fact, but are willing to take his word for it. Regardless of how Joe got involved with bikes, he's currently knee deep in the industry while working front of house here part time, and occupuying the rest of his week at a certain bell manufacturer across the bridge in Sausalito.

When it comes to Joe's favorite ride, he says it's definitely out to West Marin with a stop at Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes Station and back. His love of baked goods may be the only rival to his passion for cyclinghe moonlights as our in-house waffle afficionado. You know it's gonna be a good day when Joe shows up in the morning with a big ol' bag of his famed waffles for the troops.

Joe is what we call a bike romanticist. He appreciates the bike for more than it's mere physical beauty, and recognizes the depth with which it can affect the human spirit. "It combines art, engineering, history, sustainability among countless other attributes to make the greatest human powered machine ever created." in his words.

Joe is the only staffer who has molded 100+ pounds of butter in one sitting.

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