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The Original "Bike Shelf"

For your home

This is the original award winning "Bike Shelf," featured in design publications and imitated all over the internet.

Conceived and designed in San Francisco, this beautiful bike shelf is an elegant solution to home bicycle storage. The shelf was created for those in city apartments in need of a pragmatic way to store a bike indoors, as well as for those with plenty of space, whose bike is a work of art.

Hand built in either solid black walnut or white oak, this simple design easily and discreetly mounts to any wall studs. The shelf is strong enough to hold your bike, along with whatever else you may want to store on top.

The shelf is available in standard and small sizes to fit most frames but can not accommodate all. Please click through for detailed specs for the Standard and Small.

All Hardware and instructions are included. Shelves ship within 72 hours and are not available for in-store pick up. Domestic (USA) shipping only - $60 per shelf. Due to the unique nature of the Bike Shelf returns will not be accepted. All sales final.