Hiplok Wearable Lock

Hip to be secure

There are nearly as many awkward ways to carry a bike lock as there are cyclists.  From blowing out your pocket, to clanking around on the handle bars, cyclists have tried every way to bring a lock without bringing a bag.  Thankfully, the good folks at Hiplok have figured it out for the rest of us. Sparing your jeans, your frame and your freedom.

Hiplok is the first lock designed specifically to be worn around the waist.  Hiplok's integrated and fully adjustable belt allows the rider to tighten the lock around the waist without actually locking the device, offering a level of portability, comfort and versatility never seen before.  All Hiplok's are adjustadble and one size fits all.


  • Sold Secure Silver Certification
  • 9mm Anti-Cut steel alloy shackle
  • Removable and washable nylon outer sleeve
  • 4 keys (1 million combinations)
  • Waist size minimum 26" (66cm) / max 44" (112cm)
  • 4lbs