This product is really amazing! You just put it on your bike & never need think about bike light ever. Well unfortunately still need to think about front light, so I wish they would made the front one too. It's also looks really slick. To be honest light sensor does not seem to work for me, or maybe PDX is just too dark and cloudy :) Now if I could improve only thing about this product, that would be integrating it into a seatpost like LightSkin (I'd be ok with leaving light sensor out).

Got these on the Kickstarter, one for me and one for my kid. Great idea. Fairly sturdy hardware, although the little bolts are super tiny. They definitely were prioritizing sleekness in the design.... partly a necessity due to the horizontal design. Anyway, no matter how awesome your thighs are, they won't hit it. Batteries last at least a full season for me which is great. These are not for you if you're super serious about being a beacon of light in the night, but if you just want to put these on and forget about fidgeting with lights every time you ride, you should think about these.

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Blink Steady Bike Light

Light made effortless

Blink Steady is the most sophisticated and effortless bike light yet.

Equipped with an accelerometer that knows when you're moving, and a light sensor that knows when it's dark, Blink Steady turns on and off automatically only when needed. No buttons, no hassle, no chance to be left in the dark. With Blink Steady, being safe and seen has never been easier.

  • Two modes: blink and steady
  • 120 degree light distribution for total coverage
  • Machined aluminum housing slides over seatpost for improved security
  • Accelerometer and light sensor automatically turn the light on/off in the dark once you start/stop riding
  • Runs on two AAA batteries (included)
  • 200 hours Blink / 80 hours steady
  • 2.4" wide x 0.5" thick
  • Red rear light only
  • Waterproof

Unsure of your seatpost size? If you own a Mission Bicycle select Small. Otherwise, start by checking on the post, as many list the diameter. Remove the post from your bike and look near the base, opposite the saddle. Or, just print this easy measuring device.

Made in the USA.


International orders ship via Express service (2-3 business days) and include insurance and a tracking number.