Easy to install. Haven’t ridden with it yet but I just installed it on my mission bike with the rear brakes. It comes with a screw, washer, and nut. I didn’t need it though for my bike. I just used an Allen wrench to unhook the brake bolt, inserted the fender and rebolted it. With the brake there, the fender does sit higher above the wheel then shown in these photos. This is because the metal brake piece blocks the fender from going any lower. It still looks sleek and is usable. It just sits about 2.5 inches above the wheel at the highest part of the fender curve.

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Wooden Bobtail Fender

Stay dry in style

Handmade in Portland, OR.

Choose from Blonde bamboo, or Rainbow made from recycled skateboard material.

Designed to mount through the rear brake bridge for simplicity and minimalism. Compatible with most bikes with rear caliper brakes and all Mission bicycles.

Keeping the skunk stripe off your back is great. Not having to sacrifice weight or good looks to do it is even better.

Includes mounting hardware. 18.5" x 1.5"