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Saddle Security Bolts

It's a jungle out there

Quickly and easily replace your existing Mission Bicycle binder and saddle bolts with security bolts that require a special wrench, effectively frustrating would be thieves. Each bolt has a center pin so only the included wrench with its center cavity will fit.

If you have a Mission Bicycle simply select your seatpost style from the menu and order.

If you do not have a Mission please see below.

Seat Collar Requirements:

  • Frame must have an integrated seat collar and accept a bolt 19mm or shorter

Seatpost Bolt:

  • Our Standard seatpost bolt is an M8-1.25 pitch and is 45mm long
  • The Thomson seatpost bolt will fit all Thomson Elite posts

Package includes all you need to secure your seatpost and saddle:

  • One stainless steel frame binder bolt
  • Stainless steel seatpost security bolt (Standard) or bolts (Thomson) 
  • Two security binder hex keys

Please note, all bolts must be greased prior to installation. These bolts are only guaranteed to fit Mission Bicycles with original components. Please order accordingly.