This is the Stradivarius (violins world renowned for beautiful tone) of bike bells. This thing makes people move out of your way like Moses parting the Red Sea, and without you sounding like an obnoxious, a......! The sound promotes a) good will, and b)safety.

This bell is so beautiful. It is sleek and sounds so beautiful when you ring it. If you don’t have the correct sized Allen wrench to tighten the bell it can be tricky. I was using a star shaped screw driver that seemed to fit, but I accidentally stripped the screw. I then went on the bell manufacturer’s site and saw I could order a new screw and the correct Allen wrench for about $3. I did that and now the bell is tightened and fixed on my Mission Bike! It looks so good and sounds even better.

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The Best Bicycle Bell

The bell redesigned

This is the humble, simple bicycle bell completely redesigned. Made to last from stainless steel, aluminum and brass, it's an elegant and consonant innovation on tradition. Simply put, it's the best bell we've ever seen.

Made in the USA.