Lumen Retro-Reflective Bicycle

What is it?

Lumen is the first of its kind: a bicycle designed specifically for city riding with integrated retro-reflection.

This patented innovation returns any light that hits the Lumen's frame and wheels directly back to the light source. Available single speed or fully geared, in 5 sizes, the Lumen is the world's first commercially available retro-reflective bicycle.

By day

By day the Lumen is a deep charcoal gray with a slight iridescent sheen.

Lumen by day

Lumen by day detail

By night

In direct light, the Lumen's frame and rims shine with dramatic effect. There's no on/off switch, no batteries required, just integrated illumination.

Lumen by night

How it works

Not all reflections are the same. Retro-reflection works by returning light directly to its source, rather than bouncing, scattering or diffusing the light.

How it works

Retro-reflection is focused, creating a signal that is brighter and more intense. By coating the entire frame and both rims, the Lumen has more reflective surface area than any existing bicycle solution. Each Lumen is painted with hundreds of thousands of microscopic spheres. As light enters those spheres it boomerangs right back to the source. This effect - known as “cat’s eye” - is visible up to 1,000 feet.


The spark

This project was born out of our daily/nightly city riding. As we passed hyper-reflective street signs surrounded by dark cyclists we asked “Why can’t this technology be applied to a bicycle frame?”

It turns out there was a good reason. Retro-reflective solutions have previously only been available in 2D formats. They could be applied as stripes on the road or as the backing of a stop sign but wouldn’t work on a 3D bicycle frame. Then we met the guys at Halo.

Lumen cloud

Halo Coatings develops innovative technologies to apply reflective coatings to 3D surfaces. Halo holds patents on the retro-reflective powder coat used on the Lumen bicycle. The end result is astonishing, by both day and night.

How to get yours

We've got several ways to put you on a retro-reflective bike.

 Lumen by night detail

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