From Small to Tall

August 23, 2016

More. That's what we want. More smiling people on bikes.

To that end, we've added a 47cm frameset to our lineup. With this addition we can accommodate riders around 5' tall all the way up to 6'6". That's a lot of people.

According to the U.S. Census we've got 99% of men and 95% of women covered. And with 6 frame sizes we've got you covered in fine incremental detail. Small, medium and large might be good enough for our competitors, but they're not good enough for all of you.

Our 47cm frame is no different in material, workmanship, or warranty than all our other sizes: 4130 double-butted chromoly steel, guaranteed for 50 years, built with smart components for daily/nightly riding.

Stop by for a test ride today, give us a shout with any questions, or design your 47cm bike now, here. ➝