Fully integrated lighting.

Simple, rechargeable, and super bright

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Integrated lighting by Mission Bicycle Company

The next generation of our premium city bike features 100 integrated high brightness Light Emitting Diodes. Sacrificing neither form nor function, we've built a high end commuter that increases safety and security both on and off the bike. Still custom designed by you, and just a $125 upgrade.

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One button, all the lights.

Lyra's discreetly designed silicon top-cap button allows the user to select between high-brightness and power saver modes. 

With 100 high brightness LEDs integrated into the fork, and 5 running the length of your seatpost, the Lyra offers nearly 360 degrees of illumination at the click of a single button.

Where traditional bike lighting struggles to sidelight the cyclist, the Lyra excels by throwing a cross beam of light between the fork blades.


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Removable, rechargeable, and durable battery.

Most electric bike solutions require that you plug your entire bike into the wall. We've developed our own proprietary battery that is removable and features a built in micro usb port, allowing you to charge your bike from your nightstand or desk with ease.