Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to build my bike?

We aim to have your bike ready to ride in 4 to 5 weeks of your design completion. If applicable, that does not include transit time to your door.

If I send you my frame can you build me a bike?

No, sorry. We're focused on building new Mission bicycles.

How could someone ride a single speed bike in San Francisco?

Route planning. Life's a journey, and there are many paths from point A to point B.

Do you build women’s bikes?

Yes we do. Any bike with a woman riding it is a woman’s bike.

How much do your bikes cost?

Our pre-designed builds start at $799, our custom-designed bikes start at $999. The final cost is up to each designer, based on his/her specifications.

Why are your bikes all “fixies”?

They aren't, but we're glad we fooled you. We build single speed bikes (freewheel and fixed) and internally geared (3, 8, 11-speed) bikes. Our geared bikes look like single speeds because we don't use external derailleurs. They are as simple to ride and maintain as a single speed, but include the total gearing versatility of a multi-speed.

Can I put panniers on my Mission Bicycle?

Yes. While our frames are built clean, free of eyelets and unnecessary braze-ons, there are several portage options available. We'd be happy to discuss those with you during your bicycle design.

I have my own wheelset / saddle / crankset / etc... from an old bike, can you build me a bike but use my existing parts instead?

We'll gladly talk about the logistics of each scenario but this is handled case by case.

Where are your bikes made?

Every single Mission Bicycle is built on Valencia Street, in San Francisco's Mission district.

We build each bike from a curated set of components that we source from all over the world. We trust cranksets from Japan, tires from Germany, saddles from England, pedals from Taiwan, and lots more.

We have both of our proprietary frame designs – Valencia and Sutro – fabricated in a family owned facility in Taiwan. Taiwan has earned its reputation as the global leader in bicycle manufacturing through decades of investment and experience. Nowhere else compares on quality, affordability, and infrastructure.

We trust the craftspeople who have been manufacturing these parts for decades, and are proud to call on them for the raw materials that go into each Mission Bicycle.

Where can I find assembly instructions?

Right here. 

Click here if you live in the U.S.A.

Click here if you live outside the U.S.A and ordered a single speed bike.

Click here if you live outside the U.S.A and ordered an 8-speed bike.