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March 21, 2019

As many of you may or may not know, last Saturday our staff had the chance to take a field trip up to Sacramento and witness the wonder that is NAHBS (North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show.) We saw old friends, drooled all over new bikes, and greased many, many, palms along the way. Literally, we had greasy hands from the burger spot we hit just before entering the venue.

The show itself was nothing short of amazing. Artisan builders from as near as our neighborhood and as far as Japan, all in one space to show off the best of the best of whatever bicycle beauty they're able to conjure up with their own two hands. 

There were, of course, oodles of different awards being given out for number of categories...but there are simply none more prestigious than those of the coveted Mission Bicycle Company staff picks.

Let us begin... 

Nick's Pick: Weis Cycles "Super Magnesium" Track

Nick's pick for top prize at NAHBS is an unconventional (in more ways than one) build from Weis Cycles, based out of Brooklyn, NY. This is their signature Hammer Track frame, which has raised eyebrows for its asymmetrical rear triangle, but built out of an intriguiging new alloy – "super magnesium." 

Joe's Pick: Gaulzetti "Mama Duck" Track

One would be obliged to believe Joe picked his favorite bike of the show based purely off its name if we didn't have photo evidence of how next level the paint job was on this Gaulzetti track machine. Flaunting a gold disco ball-esque chainring and a #matchymatchy Silca pump, the Mama Duck looked like it was just as well suited for the art gallery as it was the velodrome.

Josh's Pick: Stinner "Lemond Homage" Road

The last two bikes in our staff picks were found at the same Team Dream/Mavic shared booth, which was a crowd pleaser in and of itself. Josh's pick of the pack is a modern steel frame roadie built by Stinner Frameworks of Santa Barbara, CA. The build pays homage to one of the most classic paint jobs ever (90's Lemond Team Z colorway) and spared no expense on the components set. This is one of those kinds of builds that makes you want to sell your car and put a deposit down on a new bike.

Brandon's Pick: Fat City Cycles "Slim Chance" Road

Far from new, Brandon's pick of the litter was a mega-rare Fat City Cycles "Slim Chance" absolutely dripping in vintage Mavic components – you see that starfish crank? Not a build for everyone, and in fact only 11 or so were made according to the little placard sitting below the bottom wheel. This one is for all the vintage heads out there.

January 24, 2019

While your riding experience is the sum of the bike's many parts, handlebars have a big impact on posture, stability, even power transfer into each pedal stroke.

So if different bars offer different benefits (and have different drawbacks), are you riding the bars best suited to your commute? Let's break it down...

Café bar

Café style bars come in a variety of shapes, but all have a swept back hand position and most have a rise. Those two features in combination tend to put you more upright, with your hands closer to your body. The result is a relaxed ride with a straight back.

Good for those who like to stay in the saddle and prefer an easier, more leisurely ride.

Riser bar

Riser bars are usually wider than bullhorns or drops (we'll get there), making them more stable, but not as upright or set back as café bars. They're utilitarian and work for a lot of riders and a lot of city bikes. Risers only offer a single hand position, but generally allow a wider variety of riding styles than café bars. What the riser bar lacks in power, it makes up for in comfort.

Good for those who prioritize stability and only need moderate power.

Flat bar

Flat bars typically come standard on mountain bikes, but make an excellent option for city riding too. Usually a tad wider than your standard riser bar, they incorporate (as the name implies) zero rise and have quickly become a favorite of fixed gear riders as they offer more torque when locking up for a skid.

Good for those who want a super stable and wide grip on their bike, with a very slight forward lean.

Bullhorn bar

Bullhorns offer two hand positions. The forward position out front on the "horns" allows for more aggressive riding, but often requires a stretch. When out of the saddle it's a particularly strong position from which to pull, creating a lot of power for climbing or sprinting. On the flats - the area to each side of the stem - your torso will be more upright, but the narrow grasp can feel less stable for some riders.

Good for those who ride hard and fast and like to be out of the saddle.

Drop bar

This is the classic road style bar. The drop bars best feature - multiple hand positions - often goes unused in city riding. While you'll have 2 to 3 places to put your hands, many riders stay up top on the flats for shorter commutes. If you're looking for power, getting down in the drops allows you to lean into position for the most effective power distribution while pedaling. This also reduces wind resistance substantially when coasting down hill. Since your torso is stretched out over the frame however visibility in traffic is slightly reduced.

Good for those who ride hard, or take longer rides particularly in hilly or windy areas.


1. Are there other bar styles than these?

Yeah of course, but these are what you'll pass most of the time on the street.

2. Can I replace my existing handlebar with one of these styles?

Totally doable, but you may have to replace some other components (like brake levers) as well, depending on the style.

3. Will the particulars of my bike affect how any one bar will fit me?

Definitely, but these descriptions are a safe place to start. Visit our shop at 766 Valencia (or your local bike shop) for specific advice.

December 28, 2018

Welp, that was fast. We couldn't thank you all enough for supporting us through another year of celebrating cycling in the Mission District of San Francisco. 2018 had its challenges laid out for us, but overall it's definitely been a definite success thanks to the support of all our friends and loyal customers.

We do have some super exciting news to share with you early next year, but for now we'd like to take a little trip down memory lane and share a few of our favorite photos/moments from this past year...

 Nick n' Josh getting stoked during the photo shoot for our 2018 city guide.


A mellow day spent shooting photos around the lesser traveled ends of the city with our buddy Joseph.


Nick's bike looking tough down in Santa Barbara at the World Hill Climb Championships.


Looking over the shoulder of an artist as he paints the changing facades along Mission Street. 


Marigolds littering 24th Street in the Mission during Dia de los Muertos 2018


The big winner of our SF Design Week collaboration bike, Jason Bolton, standing proudly with his new steed.


2018 brought in our first in-store popup collab with our friends and amazing designers at Most Modest.


"Matchy matchy" bikes designed this year by a local couple who wanted their bikes to be the same but different. Nailed it.


Our super secret Sofar Sounds shows continued through 2018, and we gotta say music just keeps getting better.


This year also allowed us to creat a super-fun collab bike with on of our favorite purveyors of caffiene in San Francisco – Ritual Coffee Roasters.


Our GM Josh reflecting on the year during an out of office morning with the Mission crew. Here's to a good 2018 and an even better 2019!

December 10, 2018

It's already running up on mid December, and time is running out to find the perfect gifts for all those cyclists that made it onto your good list this year.

Behold, 10 great gifts to make any pedal-powered person smile this holiday season.

1. Bicycle Wrapping Paper:

Make your gifts great before they're even opened.

Paper comes in printed sheets 27.5" x 19.75".

1 sheet = $4
3 sheets = $10

2. Brooks B17 Saddle:

First introduced in the 1890s, Brooks leather saddles are known for contouring to their owners "rear end" after an initial break-in period – making it one of the most comfortable saddles a cyclist will ever own.

Available in honey, brown, or black, these saddles will last a lifetime when properly cared for.

  • 100% genuine leather 
  • Handmade in England

(See how a Brooks saddle is made here)

Mission Bicycle is currently not accepting orders, please read our blog to learn more.

3. Mission Bicycle Frameset:

Hands down our gift with the most potential to make a cyclists face light up.

Our signature frames serve as a blank canvas for a cyclist (or emerging cyclist) to begin their very own custom build. Even better, they come in a size range broad enough to cover 99% of men and 95% of women according to the U.S. Census.

  • Designed in San Francisco
  • Available in over 200 colors

Click here to see all frame options.

4. Co-Pilot Handlebar Bag:

Whether stashing snacks, a water bottle, or the entire contents of one's pockets, the co-pilot utilizes a three point mounting system which allows for zero sway and sag while on the move. Use this bag on your bars, carabiner, belt, or saddle- it's ready for anything.

  • Made in Los Angeles, CA
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 3"

Mission Bicycle is currently not accepting orders, please read our blog to learn more.

5. Lumos Helmet:

Lumos is the world's first bicycle smart helmet to beautifully integrate front, rear, and turn signal lighting all in one sleek, safe helmet. With super adjustability, it's one size fits all. New and improved with Apple Watch gesture control for turn signals.

Now available in 2 versions:

Lumos Kickstart Lite -

  • Front and rear lights

  • USB rechargeable

  • Smartphone app to monitor battery life

  • Weatherproof

  • CPSC Safety Certified

Lumos Kickstart -

  • All the above plus...

  • Handlebar-mounted bluetooth turn signal controller

  • Automatic brake light under hard braking

  • Optional gesture control of the turn signals through an Apple Watch (watch not included)

Mission Bicycle is currently not accepting orders, please read our blog to learn more.

6. Abus Granit X Plus U-lock:

Dubbed "The San Francisco Lock" for its ability to easily fit around our notoriously oversized parking meter poles, this U-lock encompasses all the things you love about the Abus Granit 640 but with a wider locking area and higher security rating.

Weight optimized, double shackled, and German designed, the Granit X Plus will have you locking worry-free. 

  • ABUS Code Card for additional or replacement key
  • Weight: 1200g
  • Made in Germany

Mission Bicycle is currently not accepting orders, please read our blog to learn more.

7. Mission Bicycle Shop Patches:

Our all new shop patches are an easy way to adorn everything from hoodies to messenger bags with our prestigious logo.

  • 1.5" x 3.5"
  • Iron on backing

Mission Bicycle is currently not accepting orders, please read our blog to learn more.

8. Continental Gatorskin Tires:

Continental continues to push tire innovation. The Gatorskin features their PolyX Breaker - a woven fiber borrowed from car tires - to resist punctures. The sidewall casing is protected by Continental's DuraSkin, an extremely tough but flexible fabric. They're light, fast, and strong, with great grip.

Maybe the best endorsement is this: most of our staff ride Gatorskins.

Handmade in Germany. Price is PER tire ($60 = 1 tire).

  • 700c x 23mm
  • 220 grams (per tire)
  • 120 max PSI
  • 180 TPI (threads per inch)
  • Folding bead
  • Visual wear indicators

Mission Bicycle is currently not accepting orders, please read our blog to learn more.

9. Soma Sutro Cap:

A crowd favorite at the shop, this cap features a typical scene in the city we call home: The Sutro Tower "towering" above a sea of SF fog.

Side panels feature the Soma logo.

Made in Garden Grove, California, of cotton. One size fits all.

Mission Bicycle is currently not accepting orders, please read our blog to learn more.

10. Bike in a Box:

Introducing a more thoughtful way to gift a custom Mission Bicycle. Inside: everything they need to start planning their build with one of our in-house designers and a few staple tools for their shiny new bike.

Simply select a deposit amount and we'll build the bike of their dreams.

  • Gift card preloaded with any deposit amount you want
  • A note from our team laying out the first steps to designing their new custom bike
  • Catalogue outlining options & upgrades
  • Crankbrothers F10 multi-tool for making quick adjustments
  • Pedro's Tire Levers for changing the occasional flat
  • Mission Bicycle Company shop patch. Represent!

To add a custom deposit select "Bike in a box + deposit amount of your choice" and type the desired amount in the notes section on the checkout screen. We'll take care of the rest.

Mission Bicycle is currently not accepting orders, please read our blog to learn more.


Didn't see the perfect gift? We've got plenty more where that came from – our web store! Click here to see the full collection.