Our Top Bike Blogs

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April 30, 2012

We are bike obsessed. When not building bikes, riding bikes or talking about bikes, we are looking at bikes on the Internet. But the bike blogosphere is dense, and it takes a strong will to wade through it. Thankfully, we've done a lot of research for you.

We humbly present, in no particular order, our top ten favorite bike blogs. Each has its own niche and character. Take them for a spin and see which one fits you.

City Riding

Bikes And The City: One of our favorite bike blogs is back! Bikes, boys and coffee. Meli reminds us to appreciate riding in the city, proves that we can look great on a bike and that there is somehow a connection between biking and coffee. (SF)

Bike Snob: Surely the most widely read bike blog in the world. BikeSnob is a bike culture denier and bully. When he's not being mean (the funny looking and fashion forward are his favorite targets) he's kind of hilarious. When he is being mean, he's completely hilarious. If you want to know what's going on, grimace and read it. (NYC)

Bike Hugger: Short and frequent blips and full length reviews on a wide range of all things bicycle. Byron focuses on performance, technology, innovation, racing, road riding and a little commuting.

Trackosaurus Rex: Clean and elegant presentation of beautiful bikes and gear. The focus is on urban and road riding but with over 600 pages there's a bit of something for everyone. (LA)


Copenhagenize: The ultimate international bike advocacy blog. Mikael reports on innovations and advancement around the world in urban planning and bicycle commuting. He also shares great advocacy videos from every corner of the earth. (Copenhagen)

Bikeyface: A personal cartoon blog about the adventures of an anonymous Boston commuter. Emphasis on advocacy and safety with personality.

SFStreetsBlog: Cycling and pedestrian advocacy site that monitors local and national transportation issues. A great source for what legislation and infrastructure may affect your commute, and how best you can respond to those changes. Also has city specific sites for NYC, LA, DC and general national coverage.