Non-denominational holiday lighting for everyone!

December 5, 2018

Ok, so they're not technically holiday lights, but they'd make a great present for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, or even Festivus.

No matter what you do (or don't celebrate), giving the gift of being highly visible in traffic is the perfect way to tell special someone that you really do care about them.

Knog Blinder Mini Dot:

The smallest, lightest, and most cost efficient set of USB rechargeable lights we offer. Available individually or as a set.

  • 100% waterproof and dustproof, to a standard IP67
  • Materials: UV resistant industrial grade silicone and a tough polycarbonate housing
  • 5 light modes; steady, strobe flash, fading flash, Lightning flash and ECO flash


Lumos Helmet:

Lumos is the world's first bicycle smart helmet to beautifully integrate front, rear, and turn signal lighting all in one sleek, safe helmet. With super adjustability, it's one size fits all. New and improved with Apple Watch gesture control for turn signals.

Now available in 2 versions:

Lumos Kickstart Lite -

  • Front and rear lights

  • USB rechargeable

  • Smartphone app to monitor battery life

  • Weatherproof

  • CPSC Safety Certified

Lumos Kickstart -

  • All the above plus...

  • Handlebar-mounted bluetooth turn signal controller

  • Automatic brake light under hard braking

  • Optional gesture control of the turn signals through an Apple Watch (watch not included)


Knog PWR Commuter:

For those who prefer a true "headlight," the PWR Commuter packs 450 lumens to offer full road visibility. It's nifty secondary function as a power bank allows you to charge your electronics while on the go.

Includes the option to program your brightness and runtime (through ModeMaker app), then use your remaining battery to charge your devices.


Knog Blinder Lights:

Looking to be seen at night? These super bright 80 lumen front and 44 lumen rear blinder lights ensure just that. Featuring USB rechargeable batteries and replaceable silicon attachment bands, these lights are bound to become a staple in your commuting lineup.

Choose from front, rear, or both in the drop-down menu.


Lezyne Compact Light:

The Lezyne is ultra compact and includes an integrated lens button for ease of use, storage, and transport. A stretchy band and secure plastic clip allow attachment on your clothes, bag, or bike.

  • Aluminum body with LED light
  • Silver or Black
  • White front LED / Red rear LED
  • Solid beam runs for 30 hours
  • 4 flash modes run for 60 hours each
  • Attaches via stretch strap or clip
  • Runs on CR2032 watch-style batteries
  • Only 22 grams


Safety Pizza:

Not quite a light, but the newest item of the bunch and worth a mention is the absolute safest slice on the market: The Safety Pizza. These high-vis safety reflectors are universal fit and constructed of completely waterproof, high performance, non-fraying material.

  • Made in LA
  • Super safe
  • Not Edible

Fully Lighted Mission Bike:

So maybe you're looking for something bigger – much bigger. Like, a bike that comes with fully integreated lighting level of bigger. Perfect. We offer that so long as you're available for local pickup in SF. Simply head to our builder (linked below) and start designing.

*Please also keep in mind that we do have a projected 4 week turnaround for custom bikes.*

  • Designed by you
  • Built in San Francisco
  • Local pickup only

Start your design here.


Didn't see the perfect gift for your cyclist? We've got plenty more gifts (that aren't lights) where that came from – our web store! Click here to see the full collection.