Leather for Winter Weather

December 1, 2018

Does anything say "I'm a classy bike" quite like a new leather accessory? Yep, multiple leather accessories, and the cyclists in your circle deserve to be treated this holiday season.

From a shiny new Brooks saddle, to a simple but effective U-lock holster, we're confident they'll love any of the following premium leather accesories...

Brooks Slender Grips:

Brooks proves yet again that they can take any commonplace accessory and make it irresistable.

These Brooks grips come in the same three colorways traditionally offered by their B17 leather saddle line, so your bike can be all matchy matchy. They feature genuine leather wrapped around an aluminum casing that fits securely onto most any straight, cruiser, or riser style handlebar.

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Vegetable tanned
  • Made in England


Brooks B17 Saddle:

First introduced in the 1890s, Brooks leather saddles are known for contouring to their owners "rear end" after an initial break-in period – making it one of the most comfortable saddles a cyclist will ever own.

Available in honey, brown, or black, these saddles will last a lifetime when properly cared for.

  • 100% genuine leather 
  • Handmade in England

(See how a Brooks saddle is made here)


Leather Bike Handle:

A simple leather solution to an age old problem. No longer shall cyclists live in fear of awkwardly carrying their bikes up stairs – just lift it by this convenient handle. Great looking, easy to install and even easier to use.

  • Solid Brass Fittings
  • Handmade from ethically sourced vegetable tanned leather.
  • Matches well with Brooks "brown" leather 
  • Fits up to 1.5" diameter


Saddle U-lock Holster:


Looking for practicality with a touch of class? This leather holster comes in two shades of brown and simply straps onto your Brooks saddle loops or pannier rack, securely fastening down your trusty u-lock while you're on the move. Say goodbye to the sound of u-lock clanking on bike frame and hello to a simple but effective upgrade to your steed.

Don't have a Brooks style saddle with built-in loops? No worries. Simply select the holster color of your preference from the drop down menu, and click the option that includes saddle loops. They go on easy, and stay on strong.

100% genuine leather
Handmade in Montreal


Belt U-lock Belt Holster:

This handmade holster keeps you quick on the draw.  

  • Fits on any belt 1 3/4" wide or less
  • Genuine leather
  • Solid brass rivets
  • Compatible with most U-Locks
  • Lock cavity is 5 1/4" long


Plemons Double Straps:

Messenger made in San Francisco.

Previously available only to San Francisco bike messengers, Casey Plemons is finally making these legendary toe straps available to the rest of us.

Unique brass buckle design prevents strap from ever slipping. Embossed Plemons Albatross logo.

Toe cages not included.


Plemons Single Straps:

Messenger made in San Francisco.

These are single straps modeled after Plemons beautiful double straps. If you want foot retention, but don't require the power of double straps, these are for you. Same high quality craftsmanship, durability and functionality at half the cost.

Unique brass buckle design prevents strap from ever slipping. Embossed Plemons Albatross logo.

Toe cages not included.



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