June 2018 Recap

June 26, 2018

June is generally known as being the gateway to summer. All around the world, people are trading out their jackets for tank tops and sandals, or lathering themselves in sunscreen to prepare for their months-long blast of vitamin D. Sounds great to us, but typically far from how things happen in San Francisco.

This is where we’d probably insert that cheeky Mark Twain quote everyone says about “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” but he in fact never actually said that. Sorry if that's a rough one for some of you San Franciscans to stomach.

Regardless of what Twain may or may not have said, we took this June as an opportunity to shake things up around here...

Flavor of the month:

Early in June, a batch of our limited “flavor of the month” bikes made their way through the pipeline and got built up just in time for summer riding.

You might remember we released the Sunkissed Orange colorway as a free upgrade during the month of May.

The fully built results were stunning…

Like the idea of building up your very own limited run colorway bike but weren’t exactly feeling the Sunkissed Orange?

Stay tuned cause we’ve got another limited edition summer color coming at you for August 1st, and it's a real attention getter.


San Francisco Design Week:

The biggest event(s) by far this month can be attributed to our participation in San Francisco Design Week 2018. We’ll admit it was a lot of work to pull off, but all the love we were feeling from the design community made every bit of effort worth it.

The week started off strong with opening night at Pier 27, where the official bike of SFDW made its big debut to a packed house.

Next up was our Design Cycle tour of San Francisco, where we lead 40+ designers around the city by bike on a tour of beautifully designed public sculptures and architecture. We covered about 12 miles and 10 different stops, educating locals and visitors alike on how a wide variety of design features made their way into our city.

After a ride like that, you can't end it by telling people to just head home, so we wrapped things up by throwing an afterparty at Black Hammer Brewing in the SOMA, where beers, snacks, and good times were had by all.

Finally, with the week winding down, we invited designers from all disciplines to come through our HQ at 766 Valencia to collaboratively come up with bike designs throughout the evening.

For the grand finale of the evening, we dramatically drew the winner of the SFDW collab bike raffle with a drum roll provided by our studio crawl crowd. Although hundreds purchased tickets, it was Jason Bolton whose lucky ticket got pulled for the bike. From our perspective, however, everyone is a winner in the end because the raffle itself managed to raise nearly $3k for the San Francisco Design Week's nonprofit!

Most Modest pop-up:

In keeping with the spirit of great design, we decided to shake things up in the shop and enlisted the help of our good friends at Most Modest design studio to do a pop-up in our shop at 766 Valencia St. through early July.

Their incorporation of poppy colors in simple, straightforward, and beautifully designed goods manages to draw parallels both visually and idealistically to what we do for bikes here at Mission Bicycle Company.

In short, we love what they do and think you will too. Be sure to stop by and check out their pieces before the pop-up is popped-down and gone.


Sofar Sounds:

Last but so very far from least, we hosted a Sofar show in the bike shop, and had musical acts play from as far across the globe as New Zealand! 

Everyone was great, and we can't tell you guys enough about how amazing Sofar Sounds is as a community. They throw secret shows all around the world, and have such a community of respect for the artists as well as venues they perform in. 

Take a peek at their calendar and maybe the next show you attend in the Mission will be right here in the shop!