Join Us: Job Opportunities

June 13, 2017

Full- & Part-Time Sales Specialist



Mission Bicycle Company was formed in 2008 with a simple premise: to build the most beautiful, practical and customizable bikes on the market. Each bike is designed by its rider and then built by hand in San Francisco, CA.

We also sell beautifully designed urban bike gear in a space that looks more like a gallery than a bike shop.

We are passionate about design, innovation and the bicycle as a form of transportation.


FIRST IMPRESSION You answer our phone, our IMs, and our emails. Your phone skills are delicious and you can write your way out of a paper bag.

BIKE DESIGNER Our customers need your help. Designing a bike from scratch can be daunting. We'll give you the tools you need to help our Missionaries design the most beautiful bikes in the world.

BIKE SELLER Our bikes sell themselves. Many of the people that walk through our doors have already decided they need a Mission Bicycle. But there are some people who haven't heard of us yet so we need more than just order takers. Can you inspire people to pull the trigger without making them feel they got the hard sell?

SHIPPING MUSTACHES Among other things. Every day we ship rare and hand-crafted accouterments to every corner of the globe. We could use a hand in packing 'em up and shipping 'em out.

Well, that's the idea. But we know that you'll be flexible if we need you to help out with anything at all. This job involves creative problem solving, logistics, replenishing inventory, research, occasionally working special events and lots of merchandising. We all pitch in around here, we take garbage out, we sweep, we work fast, and and we give it our all.


CUSTOMER SERVICE IS IN YOUR BLOOD We're much more interested in talking to someone that worked at the Ritz Carlton than someone that worked in a bike shop. You are a sock-knocker-offer that is fulfilling our customers unstated needs. You can take a disappointed customers and turn them into a Missionary. You are a firm handshaking, eye contacting, card writing, first name user. You know how to read people and you know just what to say.

You are outgoing, charming, approachable and genuinely friendly.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL Even when chaos is happening all around you - nothing falls through the cracks. Your I's get dotted and your Ts get crossed. You have a system, You make notes, and you get things done.

CRITICAL THINKER We need your problem solving skills. We're looking for an independent thinker. Instead of asking what to do, give us your recommendation. Or better yet - just go for it.

YOU COMMUTE BY BIKE You may not be an activists or an expert. But you love riding your bike and believe (not a little) that if people drove less and rode more, the world would be a better place.


This is an hourly (10:30 AM - 7:00 PM) non-commission position starting at $14-$19 (depending on your plug & play skill set). It does include around 4 weekend days a month.

Benefits: We'll cover half of your health insurance premiums after 3 months. Sick days. Coming from the East Bay? Your transit is tax free. 50% off the coolest bike gear in the world. A flexible schedule and all the pour over coffee you can drink.


Well you should. Because you are extraordinary. What do you bring to the table? Probably years of hospitality or sales experience. Or maybe you are a sparkling passionate bicycle person with all kinds of skills to contribute.

If you do not own a bike, please do not apply. It doesn't matter that you used to ride a lot. If you're going to talk the talk we need you to ride the ride.


We're gonna make this easy. Just click here and fill out this short survey. 


Stop in the shop and identify yourself. Feel free to secret shop us but please don't harass our crew with phone calls and drop ins. They have enough to do. That's why we need you!

if u type like u text, mbc isnt a gr8 fit 4 u. We need you to answer customer's questions via email - every day. Your writing skills should be as polished as our bikes.