Hands-Free Shifting

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May 7, 2014

A while back we shared the magic of our internal 8-speed hubs. Well, we're equal opportunity wheel builders. Say hello to our 2-speed friends, the Sturmey-Archer Kickback and the SRAM Automatix.

Both hubs give the rider one extra gear, both are internal, both are practically zero maintenance, and best of all, both are hands-free.

How's that? Yup, hands-free. No shifter or cable of any kind. See, we told you these things are magic.

Sturmey Archer Kickback

The Sturmey Archer works, as its name describes, by a backpedal of a 1/4 turn. The kickback action of the crank arms and the chain toggle the hub into the other gear. If you're in first you'll shift into second and vice versa. The second gear is about 1/3 higher than the first. That means you'd use it on flat or downhill rides and would spin the pedals less often, but have to exert more force to do so.

SRAM Automatix

The Sturmey is easy, but the SRAM is truly effortless.

Hear me out: you hop on your bike and begin down the street. Your bike is easy to pedal which is good because you're coming from a dead stop. As you increase speed however your legs are spinning faster and faster. Then intuitively, as you exceed 11mph, the hub shifts into a higher gear to reduce your cadence and increase your speed. Your legs have slowed down but your bike has sped up.

Of course the opposite is also true: once your speed dips below 11mph the hub automatically shifts into the lower gear. Automatix!

These 2-speeds provide a little boost after a long day. For those with moderate to easy hills they're just the thing.

Both 2-speed hubs are available upon special request. Just shoot us an email or phone call and we'd be happy to talk about your design.