May 26, 2016

On a Friday in May 2009, we first opened the doors to 766 Valencia Street. Our idea was simple but novel: create a space for bicycle commuters to become bicycle designers.

This month marks 7 years (and thousands of bikes) since opening. 766 Valencia looks a bit different, we've added new options and faces, but our mission remains the same.

To celebrate the best way we know how, we've designed an anniversary bike. To say thanks, we've cut $400 off the price tag. It's not a sale, it's a gesture of appreciation. Thanks for your support for 7 strong years.

Check it out.

The Bike


7 is the copper annivesary so we started with a powder coat reminiscent of weathered patina. A silver base layer is covered by a copper candy top layer to create depth and variation.


To complete the build we assembled a component collection of long-time favorites and new ideas.

The wheels are hand-built with Velocity Deep Vs of course, but the front is laced radially rather than in our traditional 3-cross pattern. Gum wall tires from Japan's Panaracer are made with modern materials and precision but evoke a retro lineage we're proud to be a part of.

The cold forged Velo Orange stem traces an unbroken line from the pursuit bullhorns into the bike frame, and the bars are wrapped in Brooks England rubber tape, another modern solution with timeless styling.

Izumi makes our favorite chains and was the obvious choice for this design in a two-tone black and gold. The chain circles our standard crank, powered by aluminum platform pedals from Stolen Bike Co.

A Lightpost - a recent favorite seatpost with 5 integrated LEDs - is crowned by a Soma Hishou saddle.

A complete list of all specs can be found at the bottom of the page.

Custom Top Cap

We asked our resident designer Orlando to come up with a subtle touch of distinction that helps tell this anniversary story. He answered with a custom top cap only available on these bikes.

Orlando's design centers around a 7 pointed star – a reference to our 7 years and San Francisco's 7 landmark hills. Rolling over the topography of each peak and valley is one of SF's most defining characters and characteristics, Karl the Fog.


We have always believed that small details matter. It's why we offer a dozen colors of cable housing and foot retention and more. For this design we've used inner tubes with black valve stems, black axle bolts, and even black cable crimps. We hope the attention to detail is a point of quiet pride for each owner.


Our Guarantee

We think this bike looks great. We know it rides great. You should know it's of course covered by the same guarantee we give all our bikes: frame for 50 years, all component warranties tripled, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and the best customer service in the business.

How To Order SOLD OUT

Were going to build 7 of these bikes for the first 7 people who ask, and we're going to do it for $400 off the retail price ($1,599). If you'd like to be one of them, simply click below and tell us your frame size.


The BIG Thanks

Thank you for riding along with us on this journey. This milestone is most accurately a reflection of a passionate, supportive, and energetic community. You.

We believe you and your bike should be celebrated. Thanks for letting us do so for the last 7 years.