Lock and Roll: Secrets from the Rear Triangle

Before we send each new Mission Bicycle out into the world, we talk to its owner about locks. While the necessary level of security can change with each neighborhood or zip code, being prepared is essential so you can have as much fun off your bike as on. Well... almost as much fun.

Take a close look at these two bikes and how they are locked. Which one is more secure?

Answer: Neither! Both! They are exactly the same, securing both the bike frame and rear wheel.

But how, you ask? If you lock your rear rim inside the rear triangle, as shown in the second picture, you have effectively secured your entire frame as well.

We show folks this trick all the time and get plenty of skeptical looks and polite rebuttals, but trust us: It works. No amount of wiggling, wishing, or work can remove the lock from the rear triangle and therefore the bike from the rack. So next time your locking scenario won't accomodate your frame, wheel and rack, go ahead and try it.

To be truly secure, add a cable or secondary lock to the front wheel to keep all components in place.

Being informed and armed with adequate locks will allow worry free roaming. Don't forfeit your trusted ride, or your afternoon's enjoyment. Lock up.

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