This Is Big

Mission Bicycle Company is proud to announce our new bicycle, the Sutro: an internally geared bike, uniquely designed for city riding.

8-speed Sutro with a rapid fire shifter

The Project

We've been working for more than a year to perfect this bike, and we're giddy about sharing it with you. Help us take the final step, and get the Sutro on the streets, by joining our Kickstarter campaign. In return for your support we're offering original art, T-shirts, posters and exclusive access to the first Sutro frames and bikes at reduced launch prices.

The Bike

The Sutro is a totally new experience for city riders. We took the simplicity of our single speed bike and added a Shimano multi-geared internal hub, allowing us to build a geared city bike in a brand new way.

We designed the Sutro to be practical and fun with our friend and local frame designer Emmanuel Eng.

  • It's light enough to hoist up a flight of stairs while versatile enough to fly up hills. 
  • We route the cables through the bike tubing for complete elegance. 
  • Double butted chromoly steel lends resilience and durability to the frame.
  • You pick out every color and component on the bike. We build it to last a lifetime.

No dropped chains. No crossed gears. No more derailleur adjustments. The Sutro marries the simplicity and dependability of a single speed bike with a wide gear spread.

8-speed Sutro with a bar end shifter

The Opportunity

These beautiful bikes, along with original art, posters, T-shirts and more are available exclusively through our Kickstarter campaign. What is Kickstarter? It's a community based funding platform for creative projects. It's an ingenious way to become a supportive player of the projects and organizations you like.

This is your opportunity to join with us to make this bike happen and be among the first riders of the Sutro. To see videos and pictures of the bike and learn more about how you can be a part of our Kickstarter campaign, click here and then share it with your friends.


Keep in touch

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