4 Rules For Sidewalk Riding

There's some confusion about when to join the bipeds on the sidewalk. To clear that up, we've put together the definitive list.

When To Ride On The Sidewalk?

1. If you're under 13 and have, as defined by Transportation Code Sec. 1007, a "Sidewalk Bicycle." Whatever that means.

2. If the streets are swallowed by Hollywood-style sink holes and left passable only by dangling sidewalks.

3.  If this is your bike, because hey, it's basically walking.

bike by Todd Kundla

4. If you live in Salton City, CA, or Centralia, PA.

Ironically, these are the last places you'd ever need to ride on the sidewalk, but you could if you wanted.

Salton City: Roads and sidewalks, but not much else.

Centralia: The fire still burns.


If none of the above scenarios apply to you, please join us in the streets.


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