A 6,935 Mile Journey

This bike is on its way to Tim in New Zealand right now.

That's 6,935 miles, or for Tim, 11,160 kilometers. It's a truly cosmopolitan machine, built here in San Francisco, from parts sourced all over the world:

Tires Italy • Spokes Switzerland • Crankset Japan • Saddle England • Headset United States • to name a few

New Zealand is the 25th country outside the US with a Mission Bicycle on the street. To celebrate and say thanks, we're offering $100 off international shipping.

Now, through March 1st, $100 off international shipping any where in the world.

You can find Missionaries in: Australia | Austria | Canada | China | Denmark | England | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hong Kong | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Mexico | New Zealand | Norway | Philippines | Puerto Rico | Scotland | Singapore | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland and 33 States in the Union.

If you live behind a foreign border, use coupon code SHIPPING100 to get your Mission Bicycle to your door. Click here to design your bike.

Click here to design your bike. Offer ends March 1st, 2013.


Got a great shot of your Mission Bicycle roaming the world? Share it with us at kai@missionbicycle.com.

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