Long Exposure Blinky Light Painting

It gets dark now, early. Real early.

You're already armed with blinky lights, why not make something out of it? Grab a camera and a tripod and we'll show you how to capture long exposure light paintings.


1. Find the Right Spot

The darker the better. You can do this in the open air but using a wall for reference can make complicated drawings a snap. 

2. Set Your Shutter Speed to Slow

Like real slow. Like anywhere from 10 - 30 seconds. The longer your shutter the more time you'll have to create your painting, but also the more light the camera will capture. Experiment to find the right balance. And don't forget, a tripod or stationary support is a must.

Got an iPhone instead of a DSLR? No worries, there's an app for that. Check out Slow Shutter, only $2 from the App Store.

3. Get to it

This is the fun part, but expect that it's going to take a few attempts. They more you experiment the better you'll get. Set your light to blinky mode to add some sparkle.

For our photo we chose a multi-step image to animate, but yours can be captured in a single exposure like this one we produced last year. If you want to make an animated GIF as well, this site works the magic for your, for free.

Once your fingers and toes are sufficiently cold, head inside to see what you've got. We'd also love to see your best shots. Please send them to info[at]missionbicycle.com.


Attention Mission Bicycle owners: It's time for the 2nd Annual Customer subMission Photo Contest. Rules are simple, prizes are made of cash. Enter on Facebook or Instagram, click here for full details.

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