Exclusive: Light Made Smarter

A Mission Bicycle exclusive, Blink/Steady is the most sophisticated and effortless bike light yet.

No buttons, no forgetting, no worries. Just light, made smarter.

How Does It Work?

The Short Version: get on your bike and ride. If it's dark, then the light ignites. Seriously, that's it.

The Full Story: Blink/Steady utilizes an internal accelerometer to sense movement and turns on as soon as you begin to ride. It also has a light sensor ensuring activation only in low light, so you won't waste power during the day. Once you get home or lock up, the light shuts off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity.

The machined aluminum housing slides directly onto your seatpost. There's no bracket, clasp, or clip to adjust and more importantly, no way to steal the light without removing the entire seatpost.

Blink/Steady has, as you might have guessed, two simple but effective options: blink and steady. The innovative LED's are designed to distribute light 180 degrees around you in a wide arc, so that the car behind can see you just as well as the one a few lanes over.

Blink/Steady is powered by two AAA batteries for 100 hours of run time, and made entirely in the USA. 

In stock now. Get yours here.


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