To those cycling our streets: We salute you. You are the vanguard, reinventing how we commute through American cities. You inspired us to start this company.

Mission Bicycles are made of steel, weigh less than twenty pounds, and are built to last a lifetime. Each one is custom built, part by part, in San Francisco, California.

We will build you the bicycle of your dreams.

Mission Bicycle Company

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766 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California.
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Jefferson McCarley
General Manager

The only thing Jefferson nurtures more than Mission Bicycle is his facial hair; and the only thing he wouldn’t do for us is miss Burning Man. He often has to be reminded that he does not in fact live in the shop, but has a home only a few hundred feet away. We think he thinks San Francisco is an island with Mission Bicycle as its capitol. He’s heard of the Golden Gate Bridge before and someday, if it’s sunny, he might like to cross it.

Having pedaled his way through Texas, Chicago and the Caribbean, Jefferson settled in SF and found work but not reward with a large corporation. When enough was enough, he jumped on board our crazy young business to advocate professionally for the cyclists he had long been supporting personally.

Jefferson’s dedication to our customers, our bikes and cycling is unparalleled. He’s made countless cyclists out of frustrated pedestrians and under his stewardship we’ve seen Mission Bicycle transcend our humble home.

Jefferson is the only staffer to have ever owned a bike shop in Puerto Rico.

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Kai McMurtry
Marketing Specialist

Kai’s phone manners are exceptional even when people think his name is Kyle. He’s a passionate advocate of San Francisco’s Wiggle and does believe the city exists outside of the Mission District. If everyone else in the shop dislikes the music playing, Kai probably picked it.

A bay area native far removed for many years, Kai worked with a host of arts organizations on marketing and development before moving back home. He has a long-standing commitment to small business, the vacant savings to prove it, and wouldn’t consider having it any other way.

Kai helps crop the pictures, write the bad jokes and share our story with our friends and fans all over the world. His first bike build was a Schwinn conversion that was older than he was and weighed nearly as much. He’s been riding and commuting by bicycle ever since.

Kai is the only staffer who has conducted a chamber orchestra.

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James Bringman
Mission Bicycle Technician

James dresses as if he’s old, is in fact quite young, and builds bikes as if he’s already had a few lifetimes worth of practice. He feels the bicycle is dignified without being pretentious, and we feel the same way about him. Even though the only thing shinier than his bikes are the pennies in his loafers.

James studied at a few local bike shops before landing a gig traveling through Europe as a race mechanic with USA Cycling. He’s turned a wrench on many bicycles around the globe and left pieces of himself there to prove it. A believer in the bicycle as transportation, he’s happy to be stationary and building for commuters.

James is a spoke in our mechanic wheel, making sure every thread is greased and every chain taut. He helps build every Mission Bicycle and is better dressed than the rest of us while he does it.

James is the only staffer who has fixed a bike while hanging out the window of a speeding car.

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Dan Cherry
Operations Manager

At 10 years old Dan started racing BMX and tearing bikes apart in his garage. More than a decade later he’s traded the races for city traffic, and the garage for our workshop. He still approaches both with the excitement and energy he had as a young kid.

Originally from outside the Bay Area, Dan recently wanted a change in location. Somewhere with a faster pace, more cyclists and an excuse to ditch his car. Lying only 50 miles away, San Francisco was the obvious choice. He’s here, the car is gone, and it’s a win for us all.

Dan joined Mission Bicycle to build bikes. He helps us keep up with our eager riders and provides valuable insight for our customers.

Dan is the only staffer who has been arrested for riding a bike.

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Ryan Moskal
Project Lead

Ryan’s trajectory has been as unpredictable as it has been interesting. Disillusionment with aerospace engineering and existential confusion led him to Zen Buddhism, France, more Zen Buddhism and the pursuit of bicycles. He found a home and a community in San Francisco, and has been advocating for cyclists by riding and volunteering ever since.

Ryan began his life with bicycles by falling off them as a kid in West Virginia. Like all of us, he knew to get back up and try again. That determination has served him well over the years as he’s helped put satellites into orbit or taught English in Central Asia. Ryan loves clean air and is a champion cheapskate, but he rides for the passion of being connected to all the space between each beginning and each end.

Ryan is a logistics wizard. He works with our entire staff to define our needs and shepherd necessary projects to completion. He’s calm under all pressure and eats his lunches with bamboo utensils.

Ryan is the only staffer who has played in a steel drum band.

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David Archard
Operations Coordinator

David’s a bit of a low talker, so lean in close. He chooses his words carefully, so what you get is exactly what you need. His humor, like his hat collection, is dry, irreverent, and plentiful. To get on his good side lead off with art, basketball, or The Roots. Oh, or bikes, he likes bikes too.

David pedaled to California by bicycle from the east coast. He started building green power windmills in LA, but couldn’t find any other riders so he continued north. His wagon wheel broke in the San Francisco East Bay and he’s been busy since. 

David is our utility infielder. One day he’s building new shelves, the next he’s tuning up a bike, and the next he’s negotiating with vendors. When not holding up the walls, he’s riding, painting, and thinking up million dollar ideas.

David is the only staffer who has been attacked by a pack of nutria.

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Kelly Koehler
Operations Specialist

They say the body remakes itself every seven years. If so, Kelly is now officially from San Francisco, having fled the humidity of Southern Florida for a “beautiful place where you don’t need a car to survive” just over seven years ago. She’s been biking since day one and still considers a pedal over the Golden Gate to be a perfect ride.

Kelly’s passion for cycling, and her desire to share that excitement with new riders, brought her to us. Her experience as a photographer and graphic designer refined her eye, and contributed to an aesthetic sensibility that helps our riders realize their dream bike. Kelly also co-founded a cycling club in SF, races alleycats on weekends, and rocks mean sparkles on her purple Mission Bicycle.

Kelly is the Mission front line: she answers questions, emails, phone calls and diffuses crisis of color. She knows without looking what’s on the shelf, and works directly with our vendors to ensure we’ve got only the best goods. Before, after and during all of this, she smiles more than we thought possible.

Kelly is the only Mission Bicycle staffer who has photographed skateboarding legend Bob Burnquist on his home ramp.

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Jacob Niebergall
Mission Bicycle Technician

Jacob packed all his belongings into his car and moved to California this year, hitting the coast early one evening. “I love that SF has all the scenery you could want in a home or a ride: downtown traffic, eclectic neighborhoods, winding hills, and beautiful panoramas.” The next morning he awoke as an SF resident to a shattered window, an empty car, and little more than the clothes on his back and his bike. With grace and enthusiasm, he shrugged it off and showed up for his first day of work.

Jacob became hooked on bikes on his first college commute, which immediately turned into a daily affair. He had class to attend, friends to meet, and excuses to ride, so anything under 200 miles in the saddle became a bad week. After studying and working as a designer he wanted to push some parts around as well as pixels. He began studying maintenance and championing a local cycling club. As his joint passions grew, San Francisco came calling. 

Jacob tackles many tasks while wielding many tools. He’s a most-of-the-time mechanic, sometime graphic designer, and often customer representative. Wrenches to sketches, he’s happy to help where and when needed.

Jacob is the only staffer who has designed and built a formal dining room table.

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Tucker Adelman
Operations Specialist

Tucker arrived in San Francisco chasing his three loves west: Vietnamese food, bikes, and punk. He satisfies those needs daily, and often simultaneously while at work. We first met him as a customer, got to know him as a friend, and snatched him up as family as soon as he was available.

From the tiny coast of New Hampshire, Tucker took to the world's oceans for a year. He landed on the broad Pacific coast of Santa Cruz to ride, study, and drum (specializing in garage and living room destruction). He made his way the final miles north to settle in the Bay Area, still surrounded by water and new and eager city streets. 

A drummer for more than a decade, Tucker finds rhythm everywhere, and uses that pulse to keep our shop running. He monitors our inventory, designs bikes, is a willing (and natural) model, and generally makes sure each customer walks out happier than they walked in.

Tucker is the only staffer who has hugged Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

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Matt Cheney & Zack Rosen

Matt Cheney & Zack Rosen are both really passionate about bicycling and started Mission Bicycle to build beautiful city bicycles in San Francisco for boys and girls around the world.

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